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Tension in UP Bulandshahr district after 4 hindu temples desecrated

Bulandshahr, June 1 ( In District Bulandshahr people are very upset because of four Hindu temples were destroyed. This heinous act has prompted Hindu organizations to stage protests, demanding swift and strict action against the culprits responsible for the attack.

The incident, which occurred late on Wednesday night in the Baral area, involved the vandalism of not only the temples but also the destruction of twelve idols representing Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Outrage and Demands for Justice:

Upon discovering the vandalized temples, the residents immediately alerted the police, leading to their prompt arrival at the scene. The law enforcement officers sealed the temple premises and initiated an investigation into the matter. They have assured the local Hindu organizations that the miscreants responsible for this act of sacrilege will be apprehended without delay.

Suspected Motive and Age of One Temple:

Preliminary information suggests that the locals suspect the attackers intentionally targeted the temples to disrupt communal harmony. Furthermore, it has come to light that one of the affected temples holds a significant historical value, believed to be approximately a century old. Disturbingly, a video circulating on social media reveals the desecration of idols depicting Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman within this ancient temple.

Assurance from Authorities:

SP Surendra Nath Tiwari, the district’s Superintendent of Police, has confirmed the incident and assured the public that all the miscreants involved will face arrest and subsequent legal consequences for their actions.

The desecration of Hindu temples in Bulandshahr district has deeply disturbed the local community. The event has caused indignation and calls for justice to be served quickly. The law enforcement authorities have taken immediate action by sealing the temple premises and launching an investigation.

It is critical for society to unite against such blasphemy and hold those involved accountable. Only through collective efforts can we preserve harmony and respect among different religious communities.

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