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French police use tear gas to disperse protesters against pension reform bill in Paris

Paris, March 18 (LatestNewsX.com) : French police have used tear gas to disperse around 4,000 protesters who gathered at Place de la Concorde to express their discontent over the government’s controversial pension reform bill.

This is the second night that the protesters have taken to the streets, with some violent clashes breaking out between police and demonstrators. The government passed the bill using a special constitutional power, which has sparked outrage among the public.

Protests Across France

According to reports, the protests were not just limited to Place de la Concorde, with demonstrations taking place in 24 other cities across France. On Thursday evening, spontaneous protests turned violent, with over 10,000 people gathering at Place de la Concorde alone. The French police were forced to use tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowds, and over 200 people were arrested.

The protests have been organized by various public service sectors, including energy, railway, and aviation, with workers announcing their intention to extend their strikes in response to the government’s actions.

Controversial Pension Reform Bill

The government’s controversial pension reform bill has been met with widespread opposition since it was first proposed. The bill aims to merge 42 separate pension schemes into a single points-based system. Critics argue that the new system will leave many workers worse off, particularly those in physically demanding jobs or who start working at a young age.

Constitutional Power

The government passed the bill using a special constitutional power that allows them to impose the adoption of a bill by the National Assembly without a vote. This has sparked outrage among the public and led to the filing of two no-confidence motions against the government.

The situation in France remains tense, with protesters continuing to take to the streets to express their anger at the government’s actions. The controversy surrounding the pension reform bill is likely to continue, with many workers and unions vowing to fight against the changes. It remains to be seen what impact the no-confidence motions will have on the government, but it is clear that the situation in France is far from resolved.

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