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Helping Cyclone Gabrielle-Affected Businesses: New Zealand Government Provides Additional $25 Million

Wellington, April 18 ( : Cyclone Gabrielle – The New Zealand government has announced an additional NZ$25 million ($15 million) in funding to support businesses affected by Cyclone Gabrielle. This new funding is aimed at helping businesses recover from the damage caused by the cyclone, which hit the North Island in February.

The government had previously allocated NZ$50 million to assist businesses with their immediate cash flow needs. The new funding brings the total amount of support to NZ$75 million, demonstrating the government’s commitment to helping businesses get back on their feet.

The Minister of Finance and Cyclone Recovery Grant Robertson stated that the priority has been to get businesses up and running as quickly as possible. The local agencies on the ground who know their area best will manage the funding. The additional funding will allow more businesses to receive support of up to NZ$40,000 per business.

The government of New Zealand remains committed to helping people and businesses recover from the cyclone. The funding will go towards supporting local communities and helping businesses get back on their feet. By providing financial assistance, businesses can begin to rebuild and get back to business as usual.

The increased funding for businesses affected by Cyclone Gabrielle is an important step towards helping them recover from the damage caused by the natural disaster. The government of New Zealand has shown its commitment to supporting the affected communities and ensuring that they receive the assistance they need to rebuild.

By working together with local agencies, businesses can quickly recover from the impact of the cyclone and continue to grow and thrive.

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