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Shubh Nikah Review : A Heart-wrenching Tale of Love Beyond Religion

Film: ‘Shubh Nikah’.

Cast: Aksha Pardasany, Rohit Vikkram, Arsh Sandhu, Govind Namdev

Director and Writer: Arshad Siddiqui.

Producer: Bhupender Singh Sandhu, Arpit Garg

Presented By : Brandex Entertainment and Arsh Sandhu Productions 

Duration : 2 hours and 5 minutes

Ratings : ****

Love knows no bounds, and it should never be restricted by religion or caste. Sadly, in India, even in this modern era, Hindu-Muslim couples have to suffer harassment, discrimination, and mental agony, including from their own families. The movie ‘Shubh Nikah’ brings an essential lesson on respecting one’s religion and allowing lovers to choose their fate. The film does this without being preachy, making it an engaging and entertaining watch that leaves a lasting impression on its viewers.

Passionate Portrayal of Love

The movie revolves around the love story of Munna, a Hindu boy, and Zoya, a Muslim girl, who fall in love despite opposition from their families. While the premise is not new, writer-director Arshad Siddiqui presents their story in a very passionate and engaging way, emphasizing the importance of loving each other without restricting anyone based on their faith.

Tackling Hypocrisy and Bigotry

In India, people talk about Hindu-Muslim brotherhood, but when it comes to interfaith marriages, society is conservative to the extent of even killing lovers. ‘Shubh Nikah’ exposes this hypocrisy and bigotry in Indian society, presenting it in a heart-wrenching and telling manner that is sure to leave a mark on the viewers.

Entertaining and Engaging

The film manages to strike a fine balance between the serious message it conveys and entertainment value, keeping the viewers hooked and engaged till the end. The dialogues are impactful, and the performances by the lead actors are commendable. Aksha Pardasany delivers a memorable performance as Zoya, while Rohit Vikkram excels in his role as the Hindu lover. Arsh Sandhu’s portrayal of a Muslim boy in love with Zoya is also noteworthy.

Worth Praising

Arshad Siddiqui’s hard work in writing and executing the story reflects in every frame of the film, making it a cinematic experience that is hard to forget. The opposing father of the girl, played by Govind Namdev, has brilliantly portrayed his character, and all other supporting actors have done justice to their roles.

‘Shubh Nikah’ is a story that touches the heart, and it is presented in a way that will stay with viewers for a long time. Presented by Brandex Entertainment and Arsh Sandhu Productions, this film is a must-watch for everyone who believes in love beyond barriers. It is a big-screen experience that one should not miss at any cost.

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