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What’s Chat GPT-4: Everything you should know about AI that not only answers but questions

OpenAI, the startup backed by Microsoft Corp, has recently launched GPT-4, a powerful artificial intelligence model that has taken the technology behind the popular ChatGPT to the next level. This new model is “multimodal,” which means that it can generate content not only from text prompts, but also from image prompts.

So, what sets GPT-4 apart from its predecessor, GPT-3.5? Let’s take a closer look.

GPT-4’s Unique Features

Unlike GPT-3.5, which only takes text prompts, GPT-4 has the ability to use both image and text inputs. This means that it can recognize objects in an image and analyze them to generate content. Additionally, GPT-4 can generate responses of over 25,000 words, which is significantly more than GPT-3.5’s limitation of about 3,000 words.

GPT-4 also has improved features compared to its predecessor. It is 82% less likely to generate disallowed content and scores 40% higher on certain tests of factuality. Developers can also decide the AI’s tone and verbosity, allowing for a wider range of conversational styles.

What GPT-4 Can Do

The latest version of GPT-4 has demonstrated impressive capabilities in several areas. It has outperformed its predecessor in the U.S. bar exam and the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), and can also help individuals calculate their taxes. OpenAI’s President, Greg Brockman, even demonstrated that GPT-4 can take a photo of a hand-drawn mock-up for a simple website and create a real one.

Moreover, GPT-4 will also provide a virtual volunteer tool powered by Be My Eyes, an app that caters to visually impaired people. The app’s users can benefit from GPT-4’s image recognition and language processing capabilities to assist them in their daily lives.

Limitations of GPT-4

Despite its remarkable features, GPT-4 still has limitations. OpenAI acknowledges that it is “less capable than humans in many real-world scenarios.” Inaccurate responses, also known as “hallucinations,” are still a challenge for many AI programs, including GPT-4. Additionally, GPT-4 generally lacks knowledge of events that occurred after September 2021, when the vast majority of its data was cut off, and it does not learn from experience.

Who Has Access to GPT-4?

Currently, only ChatGPT Plus subscribers and software developers on a waitlist have access to GPT-4’s text-input feature. The image-input ability is not yet publicly available. The subscription plan costs $20 per month and offers faster response time and priority access to new features and improvements. GPT-4 also powers Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot and some features on Duolingo’s subscription tier for language learning.

GPT-4 is an impressive step forward in the field of artificial intelligence. With its multimodal features, improved capabilities, and wider range of conversational styles, it has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with AI. However, it still has limitations, and its use should be approached with caution. As AI continues to evolve, it is important to remember that human oversight is crucial in ensuring ethical and responsible use.

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